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muflax, n: information whore, hacker, aspiring crackpot, catharsis junkie, meta addict, not exactly sane

My LibraryThing profile says more about me than I ever could.

To send me comments, angry rants, marriage proposals or anything else, you can reach me via…

  • mail: mail at muflax dot com
  • Jabber: muflax at gmail dot com
  • AIM: muflax
  • Twitter

I welcome (anonymous) feedback at Especially negative feedback. (Seriously. I love criticism or rants. Don’t hold back.)

Unless you’re a duck.

If you want to support or thank me, or buy yourself +5 friendship points, you can buy me stuff on my Steam wishlist.

If you want me to delete your comments as soon as I read them1, just say so and I will comply.

Feel free to contact me in English or German. You may also try Japanese or any Romance language, but I can’t guarantee that I will understand you. Latin mail is prioritized.

You can also use my GPG Key (fingerprint: CFB36312), if you want.

All content is under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 license. You can do with it whatever the fuck you want, as long as you don’t sell it or make it unfree. You can also get the Source, if you want.

  1. If this sounds strange to you, or makes you wonder why sending a mail isn’t favorable in this case, well, me too, but it has come up several times already!

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